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At Niyo Hair and Beauty, we are providing a safe space where black women can get their hair done on demand with extensions included at an inclusive price point, learn how to make trending and fashionable hairstyles, and buy hair accessories and equipment all from the comfort of their own home.

We have created a simple system that helps you buy high quality hair products, and learn more about hair care and beauty as a black woman.

Slay with quality hair extensions

We have made the process easy for all our queens! We believe that looking good as a black woman inside and out should be simple and stress free.For this reason we have selected the best Afro hair-styling hair extensions for black women . Want to slay your next hairstyle?  Select from our wide range of hairstyles available to you, buy high quality, and assured hair extensions, have them delivered to you at your doorstep. Slaying has never been made easier!

Wavy Goddess Locs

Shop amazing hair extensions for your next hair appointment.

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Quality tested and assured hair care products are now available at your fingertips. At Niyo we believe that you should be able to slay without breaking the bank. Regardless of whether you are an Afro hairstylist, or a slaying black queen, regardless of your hair care needs from shampoos, oils, straighteners and steamers, we have you covered.

Stay slaying with hair products made for you!

Learn about best hair practices from our Blog.

Our blog is your Your one stop resource channel for black women to feel empowered and be empowered in all things hair and beauty. Our blog has been curated this with Black women, Afro Hairstylists, and Afro hair enthusiasts in mind, cause we believe that as black women, wanting to look good inside and out is not wrong.


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