Hey Black Queen!

Looking good, is good business and that is why we have designed the healthy hair campaign. To keep you looking good and slaying.

Healthy Natural Hair Campaign

Imagine a world where black and ethnic minority women have
access to quality hair care products, research driven hair care
routines, and technology driven hair and beauty service
solutions. No need to imagine anymore.
At Niyo Hair and Beauty, we are changing the quality of black and
ethnic minority hair experience through technology driven
solutions, and we are glad you have chosen to participate in our
healthy hair campaign.

As black women and Afro enthusiasts, wanting to feel beautiful inside out is not wrong.

An Open Plea For Afro Girls: Together, We Can Slay Healthy Hair

Hair care is a form of self-care. However, as a powerful black queen, you have a lot on your plate. With so much to do—groceries, clothes, taxes, makeup—hair care turns into neglect.

Right now, you can curl up in bed and fantasize about a world where you have access to high quality hair care products and beauty services.

Now you can stop imagining.

Yes, we can make your wildest dreams come true. So, what do you have to lose? Be part of our healthy campaign and discover the treasures hidden within your small box.

A little Hair Box with Magical Powers.

Black women are deserving of their inner and exterior beauty.
As afro-enthusiasts, you strive for that spark that will increase
your outward shine.

We have everything you need for long, beautiful, and healthy
hair in our magical little box. To keep you on track and slaying,
we’ve supplied a hair care routine, a guide, and a free reminder

Join the healthy hair campaign!

Are you ready to get slaying healthy hair? 

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Join the natural hair campaign & download your free natural hair campaign kit.