We live in a world governed by principles. Whether or not we choose to obey is entirely up to us and what we believe.


Maintaining your black hair involves a fundamental understanding and acceptance of the best afro-hair health and length routine. Accepting these principles, as previously stated, depends on aspects such as hair kind, suitability, and trial and error.


We’ve put up a list of must-dos and don’ts for a healthy hair routine. What you should and shouldn’t do with your natural hair has to do with the products and tools you use, as well as the processes in your hair care routine. 


Don’t worry, it’ll read more like a guide than a set of rules. So, unwind and take notes



  1. Do drink enough water. It will improve the moisture in your hair and reduce dryness.
  2. Do a basic exercise every day, relaxing your muscles and opens up the clogged pores through sweating
  3. Do a protective style that will assist your natural hair to grow thicker.
  4. Don’t leave your protective styles on for too long, as this will cause tangles and debris to accumulate.
  5. Do use a blend of several heating oils for that shine.
  6. Don’t over-wash your hair. It reduces the flexibility and makes it brittle.
  7. Do take good care of your scalp by applying scalp massages with a scalp massaging brush.
  8. Do a deep-conditioning once a week to keep your hair moisturized. 
  9. Don’t towel your dry hair as it worsens split ends, thus, weakening and damaging the hair. 
  10. Do consume a well-balanced diet containing the essential vitamins and proteins for a longer hair
  11. Don’t over eat processed food as it causes your hair to thin out due to a high amount of sugar and calories.
  12. Do rinse your hair with cold water after washing.
  13. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair as it strips your hair of its natural oils 
  14. Do apply a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair.
  15. Don’t be in a hurry. Maintaining natural hair takes time and effort. Be patient. 





  1. Do limit the use of styling gels, styling foam since it generates a severe build-up of products in your hair which causes dandruff and itch.  
  2. Don’t over-tighten your hair with rubber hands. It pulls your hair violently, causing breakage.
  3. Do use softer and silkier bands as it is less aggressive on the hair.
  4. Do trim your hair regularly to avoid uneven hair.
  5. Do experiment with twists and braids and other natural styles that stretch your hair.
  6. Do keep your hands to your hair, avoid the hand-in-hair syndrome as this causes tresses
  7. Don’t detangle with a fine-tooth comb. It leads to a lump of hair coming off your head.
  8. Do use a wide-tooth detangling comb or your fingers to get rid of tangles in your hair.
  9. Don’t choose products that are harmful to your hair. Read the contents and instructions on the back of your bottle before using it.
  10. Do use a satin or silk pillowcase. It boosts moisture in your hair and prevents your hair from drying out.
  11. Do sections on your hair when washing, steaming, or trimming. It makes things easier. 
  12. Don’t use heavy oils or butter. It may weigh your hair down. 
  13. Don’t pull out your tangles. It will create split ends.


  1. Do compliment other afro girls as it may lead to conversations and learning new things for growth. 
  2. Do join a community of afro enthusiasts as this will help you stay motivated on your hair journey.
  3. Don’t just join; stay connected to the online natural community. Enter campaigns and get free bonnets plus daily reminders here!
  4. Don’t criticize others for their hair and styling choices. Keep in mind that everyone is unique.
  5. Do and say affirming things to your hair. Growth improves in a favorable atmosphere. And who knows, it could work for your hair as well.


We have come to the end of our list! We hope these simple principles make your hair journey a lot easier and less painful.


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